Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Still Here....

...and...still knitting. I've just been super busy with life and I don't have any new projects to show right now. The tank top was going along great...or so I thought...but it was turning out wayyyyy too big. So, before I went any further, I ripped it out and started a smaller size. As I was nearing the finish line on attempt #2, I put a piece of yarn in place of the needles to try it on and it was also too big. Also, I didn't like the cowl front as much as I had hoped.....RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! I like this ball of yarn though and I really want to make some kind of tank top with it. So, I'm still looking through patterns and trying to decide on one so I can get started again.

The stripey socks have been on hold...but will get finished. I started a scarf but it wasn't working out....RIIIP! I was using some bamboo yarn that I've tried to use on several other projects but it never seems to work out...I'm wondering if this ball of yarn is bad luck. It's back in the basket for now.

Last, but definitely not least...last night at the yarn shop I fell head over heals for the "Ruffled Rose Scarf" did some of my knit friends. The pattern is free from the yarn shop, which is always fun. Several of us shopped together for the yarns we needed so we could get started as soon as possible. I'm soooo excited about this project! It's like a bouguet of roses for your neck. Soooo cute! I have a small start on it and will post pics when I make more progress and have more time.

Back to all the busy-ness of this summer...and hopefully...more knitting time! :-D


Tan Family said...

I laughed when I read your comment about having a "bad luck" ball of yarn. It's so true...sometimes there is just a ball that won't work, no matter what you try to do with it! Maybe you could leave it outside for birds to make nests with, or it could become a cat's toy...just some thoughts. Hope you are doing well. :)

Erin and Barley said...

That ball of yarn does sound cursed! haha I was so hoping the tank would turn out too.

KarenB said...

Your knitting sounds like mine. I've stopped my lace rectangle shawl and started socks that I frogged years ago. They're going better this time around. I think I'm going to DFY tomorrow (Thursday) to buy yarn to make my husband a wool hat for his hike in August. It's on the John Muir trail for over a week. I'm sure you understand that! The scarf looks really cute. How is it going? I have a crazy next few weeks. Hope all is going well and you make more headway on your projects!