Thursday, May 7, 2009

Butterfly in My Garden

I noticed this beautiful butterfly in our yard last week and had to get a picture.

Only one landed in a tree. What to do?...get a chair, stand on it, hold the camera way up high, aim the best I can, and start shooting. I got a lot of shots of just the tree and many with just part of a wing. But, I did get a couple good ones. Isn't it gorgeous?!! I've never seen this type of butterfly around here before. I'm glad I was outside to see it when it stopped by for a visit. :-)


Tan Family said...

It is gorgeous! What a beautiful picture. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

It is beautiful but so is that branch its resting on! Are those berries?

Acorn to Oak said...

They are little pepper berries on a California Pepper tree. I love the color. And, it smells a lot like pepper that we put on food. I'm not sure if they are edible or not though.