Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Here!

I'm still here! I just haven't had time to post this week. My daughter is still on break this week. She'll be back in school next week so things should get back to normal and I plan to be blogging more again.

We've been exercising! Ugh! It's so hard to get out the door but we've made it out to walk/run four days this week. I figure it's a start. And, we're eating more veggies and stuff. I'm just hoping that as I get fit and keep eating healthier that I'll start enjoying it. Hey, I can dream! lol

Our Wednesday sock KAL went well. There were about ten ladies here (including me). Only two of us have made socks before. The rest were all starting their first pair. We'll keep working on them on our Wednesday meetings.

I haven't gotten anything done on my epic Crescendo Shawl project this week but I'm hoping to get some knit time tonight. I had been working a lot on it the past few weeks and it was growing. I was able to measure growth everyday and I was starting a new skein of yarn about every other day. I have one more week to meet my new finishing goal. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Judith said...

So are you done with one or both socks? I have started mine about 20 times. I realize I need to have total quiet in order to do them. It is not fun ... LOL!