Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wintery Fun Night

No pictures today. Just a quick post, on the go. Busy, busy!

We've been having some awesome weather...lots of rain here and snow in the mountains. I can't wait until the fog clears this morning to see how gorgeous the mountains are going to be. I'll take my camera with me when I head out for the day and see if I can get some shots.

The rain made it interesting to move my daughter's harp yesterday to load into the orchestra pit for the "Nutcracker". We were able to do it though. We enjoyed the drive down there in the rain, got it loaded in just fine, and while she was in rehearsal I went out in the rain for a little fun of my own. I did a little Christmas shopping and drove down to Encinitas to visit "Common Thread". It's such a cute little yarn shop, filled to the brim with yarn and goodies, and the owners are great. I spent a lot of time in there looking for a pattern for my first sweater. I think I found one but I wasn't able to find a yarn that I like, yet. It was so fun walking down the street, in Encinitas, near the ocean, in the rain, with my umbrella, visiting a yarn shop. That's a good time! :-)

After that I went to "Noodles and Co." for dinner. Yum! Lots of pasta-bilities, salads, and soups. It was really good and I'll definitely go back. After dinner I went back to the theatre and knitted in my car for a while. I found out that my alpaca Crescendo shawl is very warm! I had it draped across my lap as I worked on it and even though the weather was chilly, I was toasty warm under my knitting. :-)

For the rehearsal tonite, I plan to do a little more shopping, then I'll probably hang out at a coffee shop for some more knitting time.

Oh yeah...I'm going to get a haircut this morning...wish me luck! :-)


Judy said...

Oh Cheryl, How did it turn out? I hope you did Heather is such a nice lady. I love the mountains, we even had some snow on our side but it amount to any thing but slushy muck on the windshield, if our elavation was higher, maybe. Sounds like you had fun. Did you get your shawl un-stuck? Hope so!
I'll blame me for that. Sorry...

Sel and Poivre said...

'Such a lovely account of your trip I feel like I didn't even need pictures to get the picture!