Sunday, December 21, 2008


Wow! Nutcracker was amaaaaazing! The show was beautiful! The orchestra was awesome! We're sooooo proud of our daughter! She was one of two harpists in the orchestra and she did a fabulous job...all the kids did! There's one part in the show where it's just the harp playing and a ballerina dancing and last night my daughter played that part. She did great! She even got a thumbs up from the conductor. That's not always easy to get! The next scene was also really special to me as both harpists were playing and they slowly rocked back and forth together....ooohhhhh soooo beautiful! That put tears in my eyes. It's hard describe! I was reminded last night how magical this show is to the kids in the audience. There was a little girl behind us that was mesmerized. She was so excited! She commented on the mice and wondered if they could see us and "all the people" in the audience. One of the dancers reminded her of "Jasmine" from Disney and that was very exciting for her. Of course, there was the falling snow...that was pretty magical for everyone I think. At the intermission my husband was talking with a gentleman in the lobby who was so impressed and excited about the show that he wished he had brought his entire family but he'd heard it was sold out. When my husband mentioned that our daughter was in the orchestra he was impressed and said, "high five!" What a beautiful night and an awesome week for our daughter. Now that the show is over and she's on break from school, she gets to enjoy a some well deserved and much needed R and R.

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Judy said...

WOW! I am Happy for her and you! The show sounds spectacular. I'll have to go see it next year. We seen the Rocketts do the Nutcracker in LA one year over 25 years ago and thought it was awsome.