Monday, October 20, 2008

Itty Bitty Sock Blocker

My teeny weeny itsy bitsy sock...for an itty bitty sock blocker.

I found an adorable wood sock blocker key chain that came with a pattern to knit a sock for it at a yarn shop this weekend. I had to have it! It's so cute and it was a quick and fun little project.

I found it at "The Yarn Deli" in Redlands, California this weekend. I had heard of this shop earlier this year but it's almost an hour from my home. However, on Saturday I was in the area and decided to check it out. I love what was on the window... "Sit. Knit. Be." Inside, it's a cute little yarn shop with lots of natural yarns, nice sample projects, and a friendly atmosphere. The owner was very welcoming and gave me a bunch of goodies...a brochure about the store and how it got started, a class and group schedule, a pen, a needle holder, a card to keep track of my needles, and a hand knitted sachet filled with lavender (mmmm, I love that smell). Wow! How nice! They had a lot of great yarns, especially wool and sock yarns. I'll definitely go back again.


Marie said...

I haven't been reading blogs much in the last week and boy have you been busy! (I also had another email to you bounce back last evening)As for all these posts - the yarn tangle was such a great deal and it sounds like that LYS was giving away a bag full of stuff just to walk in the door!That sock to too too too cute! How hard was it to make something so small or maybe I should say, how big is it in relation to your keys?

Brenda said...

The sock is very cute, and it sounds like a very awesome LYS!

Feisty Hooker said...

Sooooo cute... I want a crochet hook.