Monday, January 21, 2008

Hippy Quilts...hee hee

I went to the "Road to California" quilt show last week. I went on my birthday which was pretty cool. The show was amazing! So many of the quilts just boggle my mind of how they were made and how much time it must have taken to make them. Incredible! It was extremely crowded but I think I saw the whole thing and all the vendors. There were a lot of beautiful fabrics and great stuff but I didn't buy anything. I can't think straight in wall-to-wall people to decide what to buy. I wish I had though. I can't get some of the gorgeous fabrics out of my mind and I haven't seen them in quilt shops that I've been in since the show. I'll keep looking though. This weekend I found the final fabric for my next quilt and definitely decided on a will be a "mystery Sampler". It should be fun to see it develop. I plan to start on it this week. The show was so inspiring that everytime I close my eyes I just start seeing and designing quilts. Wow! Fun!

Other than that I've just been dealing with my hip that has been hurting sooooo much! I'm so sick of it! There are days that it hurts constantly and meds don't help much. I had some x-rays done last week and I will see the doc tomorrow. Hopefully it's just some dumb thing that some special exercises can help. I tried the chiropractor last week and it seemed like it helped that day but it hurt again the next day. Yesterday it was horrible. And, today it's not too bad. It's weird! And very annoying! I'm on antibiotics too for a possible sinus infection. My sinuses are so swollen that my teeth even hurt! Ugh! I'm feeling old lately so I didn't even think about my age on my birthday and I don't want to now. I'm still holding out hope that my hip and sinuses will be feeling great verrrrry soon and I can get back to my new year's goals of getting in shape...lately my shape is just getting bigger and softer.

Hopefully I'll have better news to post next time. :-)

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