Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Ahhhh....the holidays are over. I really dreaded them this year and wanted them to just go away. Unfortunately, I've realized that's not possible...even though I tried. There are so many traditions to Christmas that just don't make sense to me anymore. As if there isn't enough to do in everyday Christmas a huge ton of extra "stuff" is added to the list. So much of it seems the gifts...we all pretty much have what we need, don't need more "stuff" and so much of the time we don't know what to get each other so it ends up just being "stuff". Money is tight for a lot of people too so that adds to the "why?" of it all. Then there's the pressure of pretending we like the odd "stuff" that we get. I'm soooo bad at that. I wish it was more about just being together and not the gifts. Being together is a great gift since we're all so busy that we don't get to just be together much...friends and fact, I didn't get to see my brother and nephew once over the whole holiday season or much all year. We sent gifts (food instead of stuff....that's good...but fattening) but being together would have been a much better gift. And cards...this was the first year I didn't send any out. Weird but it felt good to take the pressure off of myself and just believe it was ok (although I've been questioned by some as to why they didn't get a card from me). I usually do hand made cards (except the past couple years) and a newsletter about our year. Then...the decorations....we did that but it never seemed fun to look at this year and I couldn't wait for it all to be back up in the rafters. We finally got it all put away this past weekend. Ahhhhh! It's over! On to a new year! I'm hoping this one will be great. Last year had some great stuff but a lot of tough stuff too. I'm determined to get off to a good start (so far, so good) and keep it rolling.

So far this year...I've gone through my craft stuff (and other things) and got things re-organized; finished a knitting project (scarf); finished a sock and I'm well into it's mate; got going again on an afgan I'd started last year; did some sewing with my daughter (she loved it and doesn't want to stop...she's on to new projects and doing more and more on her own. I'm so happy for her and proud); I've exercised several times so far; and, we're eating better...still eating cookies from Christmas (we wouldn't want to waste them!) but we're eating lots more veggies, fruits, etc. Also, right after Christmas I went to a knit/spin group and had a wonderful time with some other people who love fibery was scarry because I've spent so much time at home this past year that I feel scared to socialize fact, I almost chickened out when I got to this meeting and went in to make sure I was in the right place that when I went to get my stuff I almost left instead....but I was brave and went back in and I'm so happy I did because everyone was so nice and we all had so much in common. I felt so happy and inspired when I left and it lasted for a long time. I want to do that more often. So that's one of my goals is to get more involved in groups and stuff this be brave and socialize! I just have to find things that work into our schedule and get to them. We even went to church yesterday and I wore something I knitted last year...a vest/shrug kind of thing. It was fun to wear it and it was warm and cozy. Here's a picture of it on my daughter...

Wearing it made me feel even stronger about wanting to knit a sweater this year. I'm not a new knitter but I've just knitted scarves, hats, a poncho, and I'm on my third pair of socks. I want to be brave and try more challenging things. I'm looking for a pattern that I feel I'll actually wear. Even though the process is the best part of knitting...I do always want an end result of something I'll love and use. I want it to be a challenge but not so much that I never finish it. So...I'll keep looking. I'm sure I'll find something.

Oh, yeah...I'm going to try to post more often too.

I'm off to a good start today...I had a good breakfast, exercised, and I'm posting! :) Time to end this long post and get back to work/play! :)

Happy new year to everyone. I wish you excellent health, happiness, and great success with all your goals for 2008!


Lisa said...

Hey! We loved having you at the spinning meeting. You are always welcome, even if you feel like chickening out (I sometimes do).

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate that. I think I'll be brave next time...I just have to find a way to go. I really want to go this weekend but can't because of my daughter's orchestra rehearsal again. Maybe someday if it's a little later in the afternoon. Have a great week!

Lisa said...

PS. I agree with your "stuff" issue and find it as a subject on many, many blogs lately. Have you heard of the "Handmade Pledge"? It is to encourage folks to support artisans and buy with care. Etsy is your friend :)

Acorn to Oak said...

Good idea to spread the word about supporting artists and buying handmade things. I haven't heard of the "Handmade Pledge" though. Have you sold on Etsy? I've checked it out but I'm wondering if a lot of people know about it and buy from it. I might try it this year. I tried Ebay this last year and sold some roving. I have more things I need to list too...just have to do it. The shipping part seems so complicated though. But I'll probably get it down with practice.