Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Celebration Road Trip

My dear hubby and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this December.  I feel even luckier now than the day we got married.  I see now, even more than I did then, what a great match we are.  He's more wonderful than words can express, we work great together as a team in life, and we have a ton of fun exploring the world together!  It's been an awesome and amazing ride over these first 25 years and I'm excited to spend the next 50 or more with him!  

I'm sure we'll do something special to celebrate on our anniversary.  However, his job is going to be keeping him a little extra busy for the next few months.  So, we decided to celebrate a little early with a road trip.  We hit the road for a two week trip to explore some parts of the west that we haven't seen or seen much of.  We took our RV/trailer (aka our little home away from home or cabin on wheels).  That meant the pets could go with us.

Little Penelope gets a little unhappy/nervous about traveling.  We found some treats at the pet store that have herbs to help calm her.  Luckily, they seemed to work.  Here she is happy, relaxed and rolling around on my craft studio floor just before we left...

She traveled better than ever and actually even seemed to enjoy it.  Yay!

We're not a big fan of long driving days.  So, our first stop was going to be Las Vegas.  It's only about five hours away (with stops).  That made it so the next day would be shorter too.

We drove through desert that I've seen lots of times.  So, I took advantage of travel time that I wouldn't be watching the scenery and I did a little yarn ball winding for my next project...

We had reservations at the Las Vegas RV Resort.  It's very affordable for a place with full hook-ups...a must when it's so hot there...and it's very nice.  This was our second time staying there.  

We pulled in, set up, had dinner, popped open a bottle of wine to toast to our trip, and headed to the pool.  It almost felt too hot to go swimming and the water was warm but we had the pool to ourselves and had a ton of fun.  They had a volleyball net set up, a ball, fun-noodles, and a squirt gun/tube.  We hung out down there for quite a while.  I think it was about 95 that night.  Here's a pic of the moon that I posted on Instagram that night...

We took advantage of their nice shower facilities and went back to get some sleep for the next day.

Here's a picture of our adorable little Penelope "helping" me put sheets on the bed.  We had the AC going but I think she was hot and the cool sheets must have felt good on her belly.  It was cute and funny how she had her back legs stretched out behind her...

It was still pretty warm the next morning at sunrise.

Salsa was enjoying a little always.

She tried her cute little head tilting trick in hopes of scoring a morsel of our breakfast.
But, as usual, it didn't work.

We headed out early, topped off the gas tank (ahhh...lower prices than CA!) and hit the road.  Next stop?  North Rim, Grand Canyon.  A first for both of us and we were so excited!

I'm still sorting through photos but I hope to have the next stop posted soon.  Stay tuned!


mamasmercantile said...

Happy (early) 25th anniversary, and wishes for many more. What a great way to celebrate with a road trip. Looking forward to seeing where you went next.

Judy said...

Best wishes on your anniversary! And your animals are so cute! How fun that they could go on vacation too. :-)

Delighted Hands said...

We traveled with our poodle and cat for several days! Love the sunrise photo!