Friday, August 1, 2014

The FO Party is Under Way! You've Got to See This...

My post yesterday about doing a de-stash / FO challenge got some very positive feedback and several people are interested in joining in on the fun and success of it all.  In fact, I just heard from Delighted Hands and she's already started!  She made an entire top from start to finish today with some gorgeous fabric that she already had.  Just click HERE to see it.  It's really pretty!  I can only imagine how excited she is to wear it somewhere.  She did a fabulous job!  I wish I could whip up clothes like that.  That would be awesome!  Well done!  

So....consider this the very first week of "FO Friday".  Weeeee....this is fun!  :-D    And, don't's not too late to join in on the fun!  When you do, make sure to let me know if it's ok to post pictures of your projects along with the links to your blog.  Otherwise, I'll stick to just a link like I'm doing this time (I forgot to ask but I'm so excited to share).

Have an awesome weekend!  Happy creating!  :-D

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