Thursday, November 21, 2013


I haven't forgotten about my blog.  In fact, I visit blogger often and visit blogs.  I've even been wanting to post.  But, I just haven't been into it.  I've been feeling down lately which is unusual for me.  And, I just can't seem to get focused and find a direction for anything.  I guess you could say I'm waffling between ideas and goals, things to do, places to go, how to handle certain things...and on and on.  I guess that makes this accomplishment's called the "Waffle Hat".

It was a free pattern on Ravelry.  It was super easy, quick, fun and I love the results.
It's super soft and squishy because of the waffly texture.  
And, I love how the colors in the yarn spiraled up from bottom to top.

I made one change to the pattern.  The pattern says to cast on 76 but 
I felt that would make it way too small.  I ended up knitting it with a cast on of 88 
and it's perfect.  It fits great on me or my husband and it's super comfy.  I love it!

I followed the rest of the pattern exactly and couldn't be happier.  The 12 rows of ribbing 
are perfect for turning up.  The length of the hat is perfect as a slouchy hat when the ribbing is left down.  And, I love how the waffle pattern continued all the way up to the top through the decreases.

I had a hard time capturing the colors accurately in photos. 
 The photos above were taken outside on a cloudy day.  The photo below is taken inside.  
The actual colors are somewhere in between.

The yarn is Beroco Vintage Colors in color 5222.  So pretty!
I used a size 8, 16" circular needle and size 8 double point needles to make this hat.


Quinn said...

Very pretty, and I also like that the pattern continues though the decreases - neat! I made a couple pair of waffle socks, and they are very smooshy and cozy. Maybe I need a hat, to go with them.
Hope you're feeling more settled soon. And whenever you feel like writing, it's always nice to see a new post on your blog :)

September Violets said...

I sort of feel the same way at this time of year because I always leave my Christmas makes too late, and then there's so much to do I can't decide where to start ... and then I don't want to do anything. Your waffle hat looks wonderful! I've gone into Ravelry & saved the pattern for future reference ... thanks for the link! Wendy x

Cindie said...

Love your waffle hat, maybe sitting and knitting is just what you need. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed lately and am having days where not much is getting trying to figure out how to remedy it, will figure it out soon. I hope you start feeling better about things soon.

gilly said...

I love your waffle hat, it looks so snuggly & warm - well done! Think it's this time of the year when we tend to put pressure on ourselves to do so much. Take time to breathe, and hope you feel happier soon. Hugs, xx

linda said...

I love your hat and the yarn you have used, it looks cosy and warm. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down, I always get like this at this time of the year, a friend of mine has just bought a day light lamp and it's helped her a lot, I'm thinking of getting one too. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

I love Berrocco Vintage and that colour way is just perfect for that hat! I could tell it was squishy even just seeing the little thumbnail for your post on my wee tablet screen!

Anonymous said...

What a cute cute hat and I love those colors!!

Mereknits said...

I think we all feel like that now and again, I always feel like that when my hormones are off. I love your hat and I am so glad you posted.
Hang in there,

Roxie said...

Not knowing where to begin is such a time-waster for me. I realized that if I just do SOMETHING, I can always do something else if I decide it's more important.

Delighted Hands said...

Those limbo times hit us all. I just weather them and try to not get too stressed about it! This hat is gorgeous! You did a great job on it!

Art and Sand said...

Beautiful yarn . . . beautiful needlework . . . great hat.

Susan said...

Must be the time of year. I find myself all out of sorts. I love that hat - and the colors of the yarn are wonderful! I will have to tuck that away in my pattern file.

KarenB said...

It turned out great! And it's been chilly so maybe you can even wear it awhile. At least you finished another project!!!