Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Letter Q

The Alphabet Photo Challenge letter of the week is "Q".

"Q" on the old "Antiques" sign hanging over my staircase.

Some of the Quilts I have...

This is one that I have hanging on a ladder in my craft studio.
The crochet bed cover was made by my grandmother.

I got this one from a church rummage sale...

I made this one for my daughter when she moved away for college...

This is an old yoyo Quilt that my mom inherited and gave to me.
I have no idea how old it is.  It's really big!

 Here's another photo.  It has a lot of colors in it.

 I made this one to hang over the loft wall above our living room.
The colors are better in person.




Quick release on one of our bikes.

Quirky new wine bottle cover I got last night.
It's an actual sock!  I couldn't resist getting it.


Anonymous said...

How terribly Quilty of you!:D I love your collection of quilts and you are so lucky to have that crocheted bed cover from your gran! I quite enjoyed my quick trip down "Q" lane :D
Hugs and enjoy the upcoming weekend... brrr, already serious fall here in New Hampshire!
Beth P

Maureen said...

Ha! That sock monkey bottle cover is hilarious!

Love the quilts... beautiful creations.

Sandy O' said...

I live the way you photographed your quilts. Very nice! And I have a sock monkey wine bottle cover just like yours! Great Minds, huh?

Roxie said...

YOur quilts are so wonderful! And what fun Q's you have found.

Benita said...

I copied your Quilt theme for my Q's. I love the yo-yo quilts. I had a yo-yo quilt my grandmother had made when she was 12. She gave it to me on my 12th birthday, but it, unfortunately, burned when our house burned to the ground when I was 13.