Friday, January 4, 2013

Snuggle Bug

Salsa, our Airedale, has seemed a little sad about Duchess (our kitty) being gone.  And, it's been hard for her to see us sad.  She's been sticking closer to us than ever and even puts her paw on our knee and looks into our faces with love and concern as if she wants very badly to help us.  But, she's also very happy to have our daughter home from college.  Her little heart loves us so much that it amazes me.  

The loss of Duchess has caused us to allow Salsa on the family room sofa.  She loves that very much.  She's decided that snuggling with us is quite nice.  She was snuggling with our daughter on the sofa a couple of evenings ago.  Look...she's holding her hand... 


So happy!

She's always in the kitchen when we cook.  We joke that she likes to help and is our sou chef.
She decided that "helping" our daughter cook last night meant snuggling next to her by the stove.

She snuggled with us on New Year's Eve.  She laid between hubby and I as we sat on the sofa.

"What'cha doin' Mom?  Are you taking my picture again?"

She started to get a little too warm from snuggling.  So, she went over to another part of the sofa, pushed all of the blankets onto the floor and stretched out to cool off.

Just had to include a photo of her from Christmas morning.  This was before her recent haircut.  So, she was a bit wild and woolly   She watched and waited as each gift was unwrapped and we wadded the paper and threw it across the room for her to tear up.  Fun!

We love our little snuggle bug!

Please excuse the photos as they were all taken in low light with my cell phone.

Have a wonderful weekend!  :-)


Benita said...

Salsa is a very photogenic dog. I'll bet she will miss your daughter when she goes back to school.

judith said...

Awww that's so sweet. I think we underestimate just how attuned they really are to us.

Susan Harvey said...

So sorry for the loss of Duchess. Calli our Airedale sends her love and concern too.

Airedales are such great companions aren't they? They read the mood of the house so well....

Calli is wooly right now but going for a cut and mani/pedi next Friday. Great way to start the year.


Roxie said...

Airdales are smart and vigorous. Give Salsa a big hug from me!

The Pink Geranium or Jan's Place said...

She is sweet, and hope she is helping fill the empty hole left behind by Duchess.


Cindie Kitchin said...

oh what a sweetie she is - I'm sure she's missing Duchess as much as you are - pets really feel the loss too. enjoy that snuggling!

The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

So sorry for your loss of Duchess. And I can see that Salsa truly is trying to brighten everyone's mood. She's precious to!


Shanda said...

Oh Salsa is just adorable!! So sorry about Duchess. We have a crew of 5 doggies and 2 kitties, and if any one is out to the vet or sick, it throws the whole entire crew off.

sandy said...

Awwww, they are so real aren't they? just big huge hearts covered in fur!