Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feelin' Fancy

I've been working on trying to find new clothes to update and spruce up my wardrobe.  It's not an easy task.  I often shop for hours and leave with nothing.  So many of the styles in the stores are awful!  The prints, the looks, the colors...ugly!  And, often, when I do find something, they don't have it in my size.  I'm remaining hopeful though.  I keep believing that somewhere out there is a store that has things I'll love, in my size, and in my budget.  It may be unrealistic but it's my only hope!

I have a special event coming daughter will be performing at the Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.  Very exciting!  But...what to wear?!  I'm a casual, jeans kind of girl.  I have very little in the way of fancy, special event type of clothing.  And, my one pair of fancy shoes died at the last event.  The heal broke on one of them.  Not bad, considering I had them for over 12 years.  That meant I needed clothes AND shoes!

I couldn't let the difficulty I have with finding clothes and shoes get to me.  I was on a mission and I had a deadline!  Believe it or not....I got lucky!  I hit our local Ross store at just the right time...they must have just gotten a new shipment of dresses.  I found about a dozen possibilities to try on and ended up bringing two of them home.  One is perfect for the upcoming night at the symphony.  It's a nice little black dress.  The color is perfect for a night time event.  The length is just right...the bottom of my knee.  And, it's comfortable.  Oh...and, it was only $15!!  I'm amazed that I had luck with that too!  It's a miracle!  It's also a little weird...I bought heels!  I haven't done that in soooo long!  But, they fit perfect and they're sooooo cute!  Luckily, I won't have to walk or stand very much so they should be fine. 

This outfit is very different from what I wear day to day.  I'm going to be feelin' quite fancy tomorrow night!

My daughter recently hit the jackpot too.  Being a harpist means she's always on the lookout for gowns to perform in.  They need to be both beautiful and affordable.  And, for orchestra, they also need to be black, long and have 3/4 length sleeves!  That's not easy!  We went shopping a couple of weeks ago to see if we could find something for this special event.  We popped into a David's Bridal store to see if they had something.  Well, they not only had something...they had several possibilities and they were on the clearance rack.  Three dresses went with her to the fitting room.  Two of them looked great!  Then, the sales lady told us that not only were they on clearance but the sale would take another 40% off!  What?!  Really?!  We bought two!  So, she'll be feelin' quite fancy tomorrow night too. 

I love the luck we've had with these fancy I could just find some great new jeans and cute tops to go with them!  Oh...and some new casual shoes!


Cindie Kitchin said...

What great finds! Those shoes are adorable - I haven't worn heels in years!

jomomma said...

Congratulations! On you shopping and on your daughters exciting performance. Shopping is one of the things I least enjoy.

Roxie said...

Love those shoes!The roses are so fetching. Hooray for finding shoes and dresses. I know what you mean - the stores are full of thousands of dresses and none of them are fit to buy.

Hooray for your daughter! How exciting, to perform at a big popular venue like that.And what a challenge she has finding performance clothes. I had no idea.

Sandra said...

I'm a jeans and tshirt kind of girl myself, but I have an embarrasing number of "totally inappropriate for my lifestyle" pairs of shoes. I have no idea why I buy them, I just do. If you were a sizze 7 or 8 and lived closer, you could have just shopped in my closet!

Benita said...

You two did hit the jackpot. I hate shopping for clothes with today's styles and fabric choices. It's a good thing I can wear jeans to work, now. Heaven forbid if I need to wear something fancy, though.

So, are you going to show us pictures in your new finery?

KarenB said...

Good shopping! Hope your day is going great!

vicki said...

I love shopping for clothes--- totally love it!! You better show us some photos of you in your fancy new clothes!!!