Friday, March 16, 2012

African Violets

My aunt in Texas loves African Violets and has lots of them in her home. She definitely has a green thumb because they're beautiful and the envy of many who visit her. On a recent phone conversation with her, we started talking about African Violets and wondering if they really come from Africa. So, while we were on the phone, I Googled them and found some interesting history about them. And, yes, they are from Africa. I also found a little pot of crocheted ones. I immediately logged into Ravelry, found the pattern, queued them, and knew I had to make one for my aunt in Texas and my mom, who also loves them.

I finished my first one last night and gave it to my mom today. She's in the hospital for a knee replacement. It seemed like a perfect little gift to bring her some cheer and well wishes.

The pattern is available on the "Planet June" website. She has lots of other cute patterns too. I especially like the adorable cactus gardens.

I used an "F" size hook and Red Heart yarn. It was a little fussy with all those leaves, flowers, pot and soil to make but it was very easy and quick. I took the advice of other Ravelers and attached all the leaves and flowers to the soil before sewing the soil mound to the pot. That worked great! I was a little concerned about how floppy the leaves were and that they wouldn't stay in the arrangement I wanted. Once I sewed the flowers on, everything seemed to stay in place.

I crocheted the pot in a spiral to avoid having a line from the ends and beginnings of all the rows. I think it looks a lot nicer that way. I simply placed a marker at the beginning of my spiral so I'd know where to end and keep it even. I finished it off with a reverse single crochet edge. It gave it a sturdy edge and a nice detail.

For stuffing, I double bagged some barley in ziplocs and put the bag in the pot. It came to the top edge. All the yarn ends from the leaves and flowers worked great as stuffing for the soil mound. I simply pulled them all together and twisted them into a neat little coil. I stitched the soil on just under the reverse single crochet edge using yarn the color of the pot. The stitches don't show!

My mom is still in pain from her surgery but I think she liked her little gift. I'm sure I'll find out in a few days when she is feeling better.


Roxie said...

You African violets are darling. I have a black thumb, but I CAN crochet. Maybe I could crochet myself a window full of color. Maybe I could stick in some potpourri or lavender as well. You are a sweet daughter. Best of luck to your mom for quick healing.

jomomma said...

That's so cute, it reminds me of an Aunt who lived in Oklahoma and had African Violets in every window of her house. She had them all in different sized Hobnail Milk Glass pots too!

Sandra said...

What a great idea! It looks great, and is perfect for a hospital room where care of plants come second to care of patient.
Hope your Mom is up and around soon.

vicki said...

This is THE cutest thing ever!! You need to get yourself an etsy shop and fill it with these in every color-- they are adorable!

I'm sorry your Mom is having a tough time-- I hope she is on the mend soon!!