Monday, June 8, 2009

Tree Orchid

It's been a crazy, busy, fun, amazing few weeks around here! My daughter just graduated from high school on Saturday. The weeks leading up to it were filled finals, awards banquets, concerts, and seemingly endless to do lists...busy but fun! Then, it all quickly came to an end yesterday after a celebration dinner with family. I had no idea I was tired from all that busy-ness and fun. But, I guess I was. I came home and couldn't keep my eyes open and laid down for a quick snooze before I was to get going on our vacation to-do list. But...I fell asleep and ended up sleeping about 12 hours! I guess I needed it though. So, needless to say, all the busy-ness is the reason my blog posting has been very minimal lately. I wanted to post a little something though today to let ya'll know I'm still here and what's been goin' on.

This is a flower on a tree in our front yard. So pretty! Someone told us it's an "orchid tree". It only blooms for a few weeks each year and then it grows long pods that the ants seem to find very tasty as the tree becomes covered in ants. If it weren't for the flowers, we probably would have taken this tree out long ago.

Back to my newest to-do list for vacation. Ahhhh...I can't wait! My blog still might be a little quiet for a while but I'll try and start posting more regularly very soon. Thanks for visiting! :-D

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Sel and Poivre said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter - 'so glad to were able to enjoy all the wonder moments despite the business! It sounds like you need a vacation!