Friday, October 26, 2007

I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd put something on today. It's been so smokey here from all the fires but we're ok. Just have to stay inside to breathe. I sure hope the air clears soon. Especially for those with asthma and other breathing problems. It's kinda scarry for them. We've had a lot of extra time on our hands because of things being cancelled due to the poor air quality, and staying home to stay out of the smoke and out of the way of fire trucks and evacuees. You'd think I'd be busy crafting but since I have to stay home I get restless and want to do anything but that. I did manage to weave a rug this week though on one of the days that I had the news on all day. And, my daughter is weaving one right now while I'm doing this. Other than that I've mainly watched news and cleaned the house. I'm going a little stir crazy. My daughter's school is closed today and now we have an open weekend too. Hmmmm? What to do?!

I don't like to post without a picture and I don't have anything new and exciting to show so here's a picture from beautiful Julian, CA taken last fall. They are under evacuation again. I sure hope the town makes it through.


hopalong682003 said...

Glad to hear that you're all OK. I didn't know that you make rugs. Do you have a loom?

Lady Wentworth said...

yeah for rugs! I like your picture of Julian, I love it there!!! =)